Robert Cordero

Our intrepid leader is charged with guiding our historic settlement house into its next 100 years of service with a top flight team of staff, volunteers, donors and board members. He prods himself and others to think creatively about innovative solutions that amplify impact, all while remaining focused on mission, vision, culture and values. Recipient of the 2013 Joan H. Tisch Community Health Prize, Robert continues to build upon his leadership in the field of community-based health in NYC by creating leading-edge programming to improve lives and well-being.

A beaming father of twin boys and a brand new baby girl, he enjoys exploring the Bronx Zoo, the New York Botanical Garden, city beaches, Loisaida and colorful neighborhoods throughout NYC. Born and raised in Chicago as an “Erie House” kid, Robert is a diehard Cubs (no more waiting after 108 years), Bulls and Bears fan.

Robert Cordero Full Bio Dec 2016

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