Willing Chin-Ma

A foundation in social work remains the bedrock supporting over twenty-five years of Willing’s leadership in community and advocacy work. At the heart of her work lies a commitment to empowering communities to embrace life-long learning and a determination to eliminate the disparities in resources and opportunities afforded low-income communities. Her highly regarded expertise as an executive focuses on results, from quality performance improvement, to leadership development, to organizational effectiveness.

One of her proudest accomplishments is the development of 74-units of affordable housing for our low income seniors, which opened in 2006 after several years of hard work. In 2007, she was among the first recipients of the National Association of Social Workers/NYC Chapter Emerging Social Work Leadership Award for her commitment to the social work field and dedication to the community.

She is married to the Reverend Dr. Stephen Ma who is the Senior Pastor one of the largest Chinese Christian churches on Staten Island, NY. They have two sons, Daniel and Timothy, and their family has lived on Staten Island, New York since 1982. She enjoys serving in the church with her husband and loves traveling with the family.

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