With one voice, whether it is one person speaking up or many people speaking together, change can happen. Advocacy can take many forms, whether we’re working with New Yorkers to influence systems, the way things are done for everyone in a community, school, or neighborhood, or helping people take action to effect the personal outcomes and changes they desire.

How Grand St. Settlement Advocates For


The first step of self-advocacy is knowing what you want beyond what you have. Grand St. Settlement helps New Yorkers consider this question and then supports a framework and strategy aimed at turning wants into reality.


Being armed with resources and having someone you can count is important when learning to advocate for someone, be it a child, parent or friend. Our support system means that we don’t just advocate for New Yorkers – we teach them to advocate for themselves.


Providing programs, resources and support in response to direct and demonstrated community need is central to our mission. When our neighbors want change, we meet their needs and make things happen in our communities.

How You Can Advocate For Your New York Neighbors


Connect with us on social media so that you can help make change happen in your city.


Get your networks involved with community building at the local level through volunteer days, donation drives, and more.


Listen for us – and add your voice when you hear us calling for a change you support.