For people and communities to be empowered, they need to be involved in decision-making. Deciding what opportunities, possibilities, or outcomes of we want to be a part, or make happen, is how we inspire agency, create shared ownership, generate advocacy, and how we launch action. Helping other people be a part of this process is at the center of why we give back: it feels good to help others. It’s also how we achieve social and political change!

How Grand St. Settlement Empowers


We inspire New Yorkers to explore life’s possibilities, discover what drives them, lead themselves and others, and achieve impact in their lives and the community.


We support families in making choices about health, relationships and the future for themselves.


We encourage community members to become stronger advocates for themselves and others as they become active in building and supporting a community in response to their needs and dreams.

How You Can Empower Neighbors

Become a mentor in our Juniors Undertaking Manhattan’s Possibilities! program.

Make a gift – whether it’s an in-kind donation of art supplies or expertise or through our Donate Now page, everything matters.

Connect your networks with ours: field trips to museums, artists and speakers, shows or workshops all add to our programs for young children, students, and seniors. Contact us today to get something started.