August 10, 2015 / Partner Spotlight / Posted by: mcodev

Wells Fargo

Most teenagers don’t expect their first visit to  a bank to yield an investment strategy focused  on their personal growth and development.

The Wells Fargo team completely upended our youth’s expectations over the course of a summer Friday afternoon. Many AmeriCorps members weren’t sure how advice from professionals in Finance might apply to their goals; wealth management, investment portfolios, and retirement plans felt more than a few steps removed from the immediate future.

Everyone was thrilled to find that the volunteers from Wells Fargo give the best kind of investment advice.

Over resume reviews and mock college interviews, teams of volunteers and AmeriCorps members traded stories about opportunities and challenges. TheWells Fargo volunteers proved to be not only knowledgeable about how to invest in opportunities for the future, but also incredible listeners. Their careful consideration of AmeriCorps members’ questions, thoughtful responses, and shared insights built bonds of respect and trust that inspired the students to voice personal and complex concerns about their futures.

One AmeriCorps member shared future plans to enlist in the military; it seemed like a sure and perhaps the only way to skills and a salary. A volunteer suggested another alternative: Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, a college-based officer training program that helps students finance their educations. Intrigued, the student peppered him with a few questions before breaking into a bright smile. Now this was an opportunity.

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“I was very inspired. Some volunteers looked like me; it gave me reassurance that a girl like me, who grew up in Harlem, can make something of herself.”

“They got me to really look forward to college without financial fear. All their knowledge about scholarships, loans, and financial aid made me feel confident that I have options for my future.”

Wells Fargo has been a key partner thanks to their ongoing support of our College and Career Prep programs. Their generous support makes mentoring and exploration possible for our students who are visiting and applying to colleges. Wells Fargo helped us kick off a new school year with much to celebrate – a beautiful check award ceremony with some of our sister settlements has everyone excited to get back to school.

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