In partnership with NYU Lutheran Family Health Center, Traditional Day Care Center, and several local family child care providers, Grand St. Settlement is strengthening the quality of available infant and toddler child care for families in Brooklyn facing steep barriers to economic stability through a new program based on our long-time, proven Early Head Start model.

These barriers include: high levels of poverty; un- and under-employment of parents; immigrant issues; housing instability; and lack of basic child care, education, and healthcare. Our program combats these barriers by providing:

Full-Day Child Care
Allowing parents to work and attain higher levels of education
Evidence-Based Early Education
Closing the opportunity gap for children from under-resourced communities and low-income families
Outcome-Focused Comprehensive Services
Filling unmet needs of families
Individualized Coaching And Support

Promoting economic empowerment, particularly for women

The program currently serves 112 infants and toddlers, and their families in 11 partnering child care centers and homes.

Each center operates year-round from Monday through Friday for 10 hours a day.

Areas of Greatest Need

For our program to have the biggest impact, we will work annually to ensure service to families with the greatest needs and that the program’s priorities reflect those of the community. The neighborhoods of Sunset Park, Bushwick, and Gowanus, Brooklyn are diverse and largely immigrant communities that face significant poverty rates, especially child poverty. While each neighborhood is unique, their families struggle with many of the same barriers.
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