Essex Crossing: A City’s Commitment To Local Opportunity And Growth

Grand St. Settlement is proud to be the lead community partner of this unprecedented development comprised of residential, commercial and community space.

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Site Six: The Heart Of The Lower East Side

We are the heart of the project’s commitment to building opportunities and expanding resources for our community. From communal space to social enterprise, we’ll be introducing excitement and innovation.

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Our New Café: An Entrepreneurial Approach To Community Building

Picture all the “good” that comes from getting a cup of coffee—from the ritual of the visit, to the warmth of familiarity, to the satisfaction of something made just for you—and now imagine all of that feeling that amplified across an entire community. We’re going to capture that good and use it to re-energize the Lower East Side.

Our new nonprofit social venture will be a cafe operated by—and for—local community members will feature a new youth job training model, cultural and community events, and communal gathering space. Together, these components will contribute to the cafe’s double bottom line: to generate revenue to advance our work in both the LES and Brooklyn, and to extend to New Yorkers the invitation to be a part of a new wave of community-building.

Now Brewing: Curricula + Training


Neighborhood Community Center: A Second Home, An Extended Family

We are proud to be building the city’s premiere, state-of-the-art intergenerational community center, open to the public and directly supporting older residents of the new development. The community center will feature programming for New Yorkers of all ages and facilitate exciting new partnerships with many of our Essex Crossing neighbors.