Before dreams can grow big, they need room to take root. Supporting New Yorkers means working together to create communities that know what they need – and how to make it happen. We focus on creating safe and welcoming spaces that are as inclusive as they are diverse. Gathering places are the heart and the backbone of communities; they are where we distill our values and our dreams and where we organize and grow together.

How Grand St. Settlement Supports


From cultivating talents to sparking curiosity, our programs focus on exploring what inspires – and then finding ways to build it into dreams and futures.


We are proud to offer families a continuum of programs and services that that connects all its members at every age. We have the team, support and resources you need to grow strong together.


Dreams, goals, ambitions: they make things exciting and, especially when shared with others, they fill our lives with purpose. We help communities transform vision into accomplishment together.

How You Can Support New Yorkers

Volunteer to spend time with seniors at our 80 Pitt Street Community Center.

Show your support with a gift in honor of a staff member or program.

Stay connected on social media to know the latest community news and updates .