Our Centennial


In 1916, we opened the doors of Grand St. Settlement, inviting New Yorkers to create a community that addresses the neighborhood's most critical issues.


A century later, we've grown to serve more than 7,400 New Yorkers each year by providing dozens of programs and services at more than twenty locations in communities on both sides of the Williamsburg Bridge.


This singular moment is perfect for launching our vision for the future. We can't wait to reintroduce our settlement house model to the world.

Board Centennial Commitee

Read the letter from our Centennial Co-Chairs.


In celebration of our 100th year, we will:


Kicking off 100 days before our 100th year, Grand St. Settlement's community event for our family, neighbors and community. Join us for a big celebration – we’ll play, eat and rally together to create the changes YOU want to see in your community.

Rally With Us


We can’t wait to share the stories and successes of community members who we feel embody our mission to bring neighbors together. Over the course of the year, we'll introduce you to some of the city's best advocates, volunteers, leaders and community members.

Get Inspired


Throughout our Centennial year, we’ll be jump-starting changes big and small. We’ll show you what our programs are doing to make a difference, and our monthly Changer Maker Series and our #jumpstartchange Tool Kit will give you a chance to volunteer or get involved.

Jumpstart Something