Grand St. Settlement is, first and foremost, a family. Our participants, staff and community members together build vibrant communities, which strengthen families and empower individuals through opportunities and support. At it’s core, our mission depends on creating a community that inspires deep connections.

Our family is supportive in almost too many ways to count. From donating time, talent and resources to speaking and standing up to be counted, we couldn’t do it without them. Get to know the leaders on our Board of Directors and and Executive Team, our supporters at institutions, foundations and government agencies, and the many partners we collaborate with in our programming and community.

Our Mission

Grand St. Settlement expands opportunities for low-income families and individuals by providing culturally relevant services that support community-building, advocacy, self-determination and an enriched quality of life.

What We Do

Not surprisingly, a whole lotta heart is what brings this family together.
Neighbors achieve more working together, and our supporters realize more impact as part of our family.
Working together amplifies impact – and makes a lot of new friends, too.