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There is only one way to tell our story: people. In many ways, the story of our city is the story of us. Our stories of origin, our cultures and traditions, and our dreams for the future define us as individuals while uniting our families and communities. We grow when we are each inspired and thrive when we are all connected.

That’s where we come in. 

The settlement house model came to New York when the city was at critical mass. People needed space for their dreams to grow and a place for their roots to gather.  In 1916, Grand St. Settlement opened its doors, creating a community that would transcend place and time. What began as neighbors helping neighbors became a family. 

For 100 years, we have connected New Yorkers to opportunities that inspire, services that keep families strong, and programs that bring communities closer. Together, we have led bold charges for change, worked to overcome obstacles like isolation and exclusion, and fought to dismantle injustices and broken systems.

How do we do it?

Who We Are


We are strong when we claim power, but strongest when we help each other gain our own. Be your best self by helping others get there, too.

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Before dreams can grow big, they need a place to take root. Our community members know what we need and how to make it happen.

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All it takes is one voice. Whether it’s one person speaking up or many people speaking out, it’s how we show the world what matters.

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Philosophy of Impact


To say that neighbors helping neighbors is the key to change is a bold statement. It’s bold because it creates an opportunity for everyone to take ownership of change – and ultimately holds us all accountable to one another.


Our community is like family: it includes generations and ages, celebrates vibrant cultures and traditions, and spans neighborhoods and continents.


100 years of staying power in New York City means two things: what we do still inspires us and what we do still inspires you. It’s often equal parts innovation and admiration in the face of triumphs, setbacks and sheer determination.