Where The Money Goes

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Giving to our programs means investing in life-long learners. Through exploration, self-discovery and leadership opportunities, learners of every age access opportunities that inspire.

What Your Gift Could Mean:

Lending Library
Museum Field Trips
Robotics Classes
Tai Chi Classes
Language Classes
Cooking Classes

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Supporting Grand St. Settlement amplifies the impact of your gift. We provide support to help New Yorkers be their best selves and to keep families strong. Our education opportunities, one-on-one counseling, and health services help families create a foundation built to last.

What Your Gift Could Mean:

High School Equivalency Education
Parent Workshops
Care For Homebound Seniors
Free Legal Support
Access To Food Benefits

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Your gift speaks louder than words alone. Supporting Grand St. Settlement means supporting our rally calls for social justice and joining our bold charges for change.

What Your Gift Could Mean:

Resources For LGBTQ+ Youth
Youth Leadership Classes
Affordable Housing For Seniors
Winter Coat Drive