August 17, 2015 / Headlines / Posted by: Elise Hanks

Shaking Up Brooklyn with Youth Fest!

This summer, our campers put all their creative, leadership, and STEM skills to the test in our Global Awareness challenge, where they worked in groups to create interactive projects illustrating global issues facing the world today. Throughout July and August, campers researched the history, cultural contributions, and current events of specific countries of their interest. Each group then identified one issue to focus on and learn about its development over time as well as its consequences on society. Their projects were showcased at our annual Youth Fest on August 14, 2015 in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Youth fest 1

Our campers designed creative and original ways for viewers to interact with their projects and learn about each global issue. Some of the top issues and activities featured were:

– Migration in Syria – campers designed an obstacle course for Youth Fest attendees to experience a few of the challenges of migrants and refugees.

– Dengue fever in Brazil – students created an interactive story to teach viewers about this epidemic using the programming language, Scratch, and designed a video game that utilized Play-Doh as a controller through a MaKey MaKey kit!

– Women’s rights in Saudi Arabia – teens developed a scavenger hunt that taught attendees about the problems these women face through fact findings.

– Waste management in India – youth constructed a game called Wasketball to teach recycling.

Youth fest 3

Youth fest fun

The incredible energy, bright smiles, and raw talent of the youth dance performances also helped make this event a tremendous success! For more photos, check out our Facebook album here!

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