November 13, 2015 / Inspiration / Posted by: Elise Hanks

From a Neighborhood Far, Far Away… a Visitor from the Bronx, How to Use the (Nonprofit) Force, and More!


This week, Robert introduced our youth programs to an old neighbor and friend of his. Our special guest came all the way down from the Bronx to see what was cooking in our culinary arts program, hang with a few of our hoop stars, and hear about the Fly Bags created by Project Speak Out Loud. The kids could hardly believe that Council Member Ritchie Torres was who he said he was – active in politics at an early age, former intern for the Mayor and Attorney General, and the youngest person elected to the City Council, Council Member Torres cuts an impressive figure. Despite his inspiring achievements, no one remained awe-struck for long; everyone enjoyed chatting with him and hearing about how they, too, could serve their communities.


This new Star Wars movie has got us on pins and needles – and wishing we could use the force in our day-to-day operations. Our fundraising team was particularly inspired by a few posts from around the web:

Here are 5 Jedi mind tricks to use at work (don’t worry, “search your feelings” isn’t one of them).

While they don’t deliver any tips for Jedi mind tricks, this post from UK Fundraising shares 10 things Fundraisers could learn from Star Wars.

Agents for Good has created a “Star Wars 101” how-to series for folks who work at nonprofits. Our favorite? Their post about how to craft a killer newsletter includes updates straight from Dagobah that illustrate the value of sponsoring the Jedi training program, why the Ewoks need your help to save Endor, and a direct appeal to fight the Dark Side.

And this reminder from our beloved Yoda:  “Do or do not, there is no try.” In the nonprofit world, the only way to ensure failure is to fail to ask people to join you (those are the drones you’re looking for).


A few of our favorite reads this week – just in case you missed them!

This article from the New York Times is a must read. The summers of childhood are numbered and every kid in NYC deserves to spend them playing, learning and growing. Read on to feel all of the feels.

Chalkbeat NY got to the heart of how big data can make things more personal when it comes to helping youth be high achievers in school. Our own Katie Hahn is helping lead the charge at Juan Morel Campos Secondary School. Get the scoop on our blog post from earlier this week. 


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