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New York Times – Poverty Has Soared in New York, With Children Bearing the Brunt

“If we’re going to reduce poverty in the city of New York, we have to invest in child care,” – Robert Cordero, Grand St. Settlement CEO

We spoke with The New York Times about the alarming results of The Robin Hood Foundation’s annual Poverty Tracker.

-1 in 4 children are now in poverty
-2 Million New Yorkers are living in poverty (up from 1.5 Million)
-More than half of New Yorkers fall below the “affordability” line needed to meet a minimal basic standard of need – $87,000 household income

Based on Grand Street’s nearly 60 years of experience running quality child care programs, we know that Universal Child Care is an essential public policy that will immediately alleviate the affordability crisis.

We’re fighting the crisis head-on by supporting our neighbors with high-quality child care programs, afterschool and summer camp, thriving older adult centers, and wrap-around benefits assistance services.

This holistic approach ensures families have the opportunity to move from surviving to thriving.

Check out the article here.

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